Born: 1970 in Baja, Hungary


Art Student League New York City, U.S.A.
1997 – 2000

Art Instructors: 

  • Larry Poons
  • Frank O´Cain
  • Bruce Dorfman 
  • Charles Hinman 

Since 2001   Lives and Works in Berlin

The foundation of the Artist Group BLUBARK (Denmark)

Professional member of BBK, NBK, and nGbK

The artwork of Sándor Barics draws from a wide range of influences: aerial photography, found objects, color theory, science, order, and chaos. Among these disparate pieces, he finds a way forward, producing large paintings that focus on the major questions facing humanity, from climate change to the limits of understanding the world around us.

Born in Baja, Hungary, he witnessed the fall of the Soviet system as a child. During these hard years, he found himself surrounded by the detritus of an old order and the pulsing energy of a new one not quite birthed into being. No doubt this experience gave him piercing insight into structures, both mental and physical, and how they create the terms of our reality — and how every structure proves destined for destruction, as long as you find the right time horizon.

Barics creates scales vast enough to consume any human belief system by mirroring those views found in shots of a planet’s surface taken from airplanes and satellites. This shrinks and decontextualizes the viewer, allowing them to let go of their personal history and take on a broader perspective. It is a move that radically disconnects the viewer from their own lives, totally absorbing them into the reality of the painting.

What do they find when they get there? An abstract world that thrums with urgent messages that confront long-dormant assumptions. For the artist, every structure is there to disassemble, and every swirling confusion is there to render scrutable.

The canvasses are often adorned with found objects, highlighting the way that context defines the meaning of everything. Barics reclaims whatever he finds, submerging their previous identities in his vision of a new planet or a new future for our own.

The artist manages this project with a profound respect for science, something that always grounds his artistic endeavors. While one side of his practice unleashes dream-like forces that wash away so many preconceptions, it is this ungirding of science that keeps everything tethered to matters that remain deeply important to our lives.

Barics attended the Art Students League (1996 to 2000) studying under Larry Poons, Bruce Dorfman, Charles Hinman, and Frank O’Cain. His art has appeared in solo and group exhibitions around the world. He currently lives and works in Berlin.


Selected Solo & Group exhibitions include, 

(2024 )  “Strahlenbündel”, Galerie Burg 32  /  Budapest Contemporary
(2023)  Van Gogh Art Gallery, Madrid Spain / ART3f Paris / Art Market Budapest
(2022)  Mamü Gallery Budapest “0000,0001” ; Art Market Budapest 2022 ( Baker Howard Contemporary )
(2021)  Premarts Gallery Berlin  “Anomalies”, Baker Howard Contemporary London, Art Market Budapest
(2020 ) Poverra Berlin, Baker-Howard Contemporary London
(2019) Art Market Budapest MMG ; RAF Budapest, Hungarian Embassy Berlin
(2018) Premarts Gallery, Berlin. ; Magyar Mühely Gallery, Budapest; Povvera Gallery Berlin
(2017) Sardenhaus, München
(2016) Open Gallery, Kesselhaus –Lichterfelde Ost, Berlin
(2014) Expat Art Fair Berlin
(2012) Künstler Salon Murid Bosh, Berlin
(2013) Sardenhaus, München
(2010) IMCAC (Museum of Collage) Colorado, USA
(2008)  Pulzus Galerie, Baja, Ungarn
(2006) Draw-Drawing 2, London Biennale
(2005) Berliner Kunstprojekt, Berlin
(2005) Deutsche Ärzte-Kammer Berlin
(2003) Zeiss Groß-Planetarium Berlin
(2001) Deutsche Bank  / Tegel-Berlin, Germany
(2000) Artists Space / Soho, New York
(2000) Space World Gallery / LIC, New York
(1999) Alex Gardega Fine Art Gallery / New York: Gallery Drächslhaus Munich
(1998) The Gallery of the American Fine Art Society / New York City


Works in public Collection:

Art Student League, NY USA,The Hungarian Library, NY USA, The International Museum of Collage, Colorado USA, PP MOMA 

Several artworks  in private collections. 

e.g:        Concetto Timpani (Roma, Italy); A.Jensen (Toronto, Canada) ; J.M. Cáceres  (Granada,Spain)